During filming of her TV show Gossip Girl, the lovely Blake Lively took a little break from the drudgery of making a teen soap to shoot a dog.

Blake Lively and a very big dog

That was, of course, a very clever play on words. While our choice of words implied that possibly all-round lovely person Blake Lively had experience some kind of meltdown and shot a dog with a gun, when what she actually did was shoot a picture of a dog with a camera. We messed with the dual meaning of shoot, you see. Poetic.

Blake Lively; a right big dog

How feckin' big is that dog! It's the same size as Blake Lively, possibly even bigger. Perhaps it is a giant breed of mutant dog, plotting to overthrow us all, and that is why Blake Lively is taking a picture of it, for posterity. Or perhaps it is just perspective. Who can possibly say?

Blake Lively in The Green Lantern

Blake Lively probably won't be in Gossip Girl much longer. Her film career is starting to take off and usually TV people give up the small screen once the movie roles start, erm, rolling in, like George Clooney and Jennifer Aniston. Blake is currently doing an acting in Ben Affleck's movie The Town and will shortly make her blockbuster debut opposite Ryan Reynolds in the superhero movie The Green Lantern. The picture above is the first shot of her in The Green Lantern. Yes.