It makes us look a bit naff, really. They put a Swarovski star on top of their Christmas tree, and we put Chantelle Houghton on top of ours. Not that there's anything wrong with Chantelle Houghton. In fact, you'd probably get more camels for her off a Saudi Arabian farmer than you would for a crystal star. Yes, it would look nice as a chandelier, but it consumes rather a lot of space and wouldn't be likely to satisfy the farmer's horny son.

On paper, though, and certainly on photograph, it doesn't pack quite the same punch. Then again, this was the mighty Rockefeller Center, and that was Lakeside. We wonder how long that star would last there before it got nicked. Considering Chantelle lasted five minutes before a sparrow pooped on her head which left her begging to get down, we estimate around ninety seconds.

Blake Lively unveils Swarovski star

Blake Lively had the massively taxing task of removing a piece of black cloth from the star, before saying a few words about how brilliant Christmas is and thanking Swarovski profusely for lending the fabulous creation to the Rockefeller Center. In all, it must've been a fascinating occasion, and we're truly sorry we're missed it.

Blake has just started filming the fourth season of Gossip Girl, which we're like, so excited about, like. Like so excited, that like when it comes here, we're going to throw a pajama party and it'll be, like, sooo cool. But, like, there's only enough room for like ten people, so it'll have to be only our BFFs and, like, nobody else. So you better start being really nice to us.