HBO, the home of The Wire, The Soprano’s, Oz, Curb Your Enthusiasm and loads of amazing stuff that’s not My Family is about to unleash its latest beast on the world in the form of Boardwalk Empire, a Martin Scorsese directed piece of gangster history. Set in prohibition era America it follows the rise and rise of ‘Enoch "Nucky" Thompson’ played by Stonehenge mouthed favourite Steve Buscemi. At first a businessman, ‘Nucky’ keeps his fingers firmly planted in the gambling, bootlegging and prostitution pies. He facilitates people with their beloved liquor, but as he finds himself getting in deeper and deeper with the ‘proper gangsters’ who supply it, things turn nasty.

Boardwalk Empire follows ‘Nucky’ as well as various other sorts you wouldn’t want dating your sister. One of these is the Chicago mob boss Al Capone who’s played with typical psychotic fervor by Stephen Graham. Still a young man, Grahams Capone is just building his empire and as such is uncompromising and volatile. Scorsese says his version of the famous gangster is not “the Al Capone that we know today, he’s a gangster toddler, just starting out.” It’s basically going to be amazing. And if the possibility of extreme tommy-gun violence isn’t enough, they’ve sweetened the deal with some really hot ‘molls’ that you can dance the Charleston with. High society grumble book Vanity Fair has taken some pictures of them like it was olden times and they’re on a beach!

A couple, like Gretchen Mol, 37 (second from left) and Kelly Macdonald, 34 (fourth from left), who got naked in Trainspotting and then killed in No Country For Old Men, you might know. The other two are Paz de la Huerta, 26 and Aleksa Palladino, 30, are hot, and most probably very good actresses.

As your oracle of all things cultural and excellent, we feel very confident when we say, this program will be very, very good.