5 hot Grammy girls who deserve more attention than Pharrell's hat

Posted by , 27 January 2014



Irrespective of her hotness, Bonnie McKee was always going to catch FHM's eye. With her red/orange/pink/yellow hair and tight blue dress, she had everyone going, "Blimey, Hayley Williams looks a bit different. Waaaait a minute…"

Bonnie McKee at 2014 Grammy Awards

Who IS that flame-haired fittie?

Bonnie is an American singer in her own right, but you'd probably know her better for the heaps of songs she's co-written. She co-wrote Katy Perr's Roar, which was nominated for Song of the Year at last night's awards, and pretty much wrote every other Katy Perry hit we find ourselves singing away to in the car (come on, we're all friends here.)

She also wrote Dynamite with Taio Cruz, so it's safe to say she's got a golden touch.

Anyone who's a friend of croughnuts and Katy Perry is a friend of ours.

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