Yesterday we told you that Lady Gaga is winning twitter, having beaten Britney Spears 5,801,836 – 5,726,187, or something.

Britney could have got all teary and huffed off to her room shouting “I don’t want to play your stupid twitter, anyway,” but she didn’t. Instead, she spent the afternoon showing off her newly toned body on a Hawaiian beach and then suggested a musical collaboration with Lady Gaga.


Before she became the biggest thing in pop since air-grabs and background flames, Lady Gaga cut her teeth writing songs for artists like Britney and the Pussycat Dolls. The student became the master, and now Gaga is in greater demand than a wheelie bin with a catflap.

When Pop magazine asked Brit about the possibility of the two twitter heavyweights teaming up on a record, she couldn’t hide her girlish excitement:

“I’m a big fan of hers. Anything’s possible!”

Well done, Brit, that’s a very mature response. It seems her dad boyfriend, Jason Trawick, is rubbing off on her.

Turns out Hawaiian beaches are pretty good places to be, what with Rachel Bilson frolicking around on one and now Britney Spears enjoying some bikini-time there. What’s wrong with good ol’ Blighty though, eh? It’s about time we saw Cheryl Cole ‘sunning’ herself at Southend-on-Sea, or Paris Hilton 'enjoying' the delights of Hackney Marshes.

What d'you mean that's not Southend?

Not Hackney? You can't prove a thing.

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