Oh Britney Spears, the original strumpet, why must you tease us so? First you’re beautiful, then you’re certifiable, then you’re hot again, then a bit flubbly (yes, ‘flubbly’) and now you’re hot again, which we’re so glad about. But for how long. Yes the Hit Me Baby One More Time and Toxic star is back in beach bashing shape as she strolls around in a little yellow bikini in Hawaii. 28-year-old Britney got her bod back in a just two weeks according to sources.

She might have dropped the weight for her recent guest appearance on break-out musical drama and bane of many peoples lives Glee. The superstar singer had a little part that will air in the next series. Though reports seem to imply that Spear’s ‘people’ are still rapping the singer in cotton wool as security was reportedly bumped up on the LA set when she went to film her part to avoid details being leaked. 'It was literally like the President had come,’ series’ creator Ryan Murphy told E!Online of the pop star's visit. 'We all had to wear wristbands. I couldn't get into my own sets at one point, which I thought was hilarious. Here’s some more lovely pictures.