Britney Spears is doing pretty well with her comeback, by all accounts, and following the success of Hold It Against Me she’s following it up with another track called Till The World Ends.

Although the video’s not out until 6 April, she’s released a 30-second snippet of the track to get her fans all excited about the prospect of seeing her dance around in leather and watch the world crumble at her feet.

Hey, back off sister, some of us are just trying to have a nice sit down

Seems they’ve gone the opposite direction from the (let’s be honest, confusing) Hold It Against Me video and moved away from giant banks of TV screens and floating wedding dresses, instead focusing on a literal interpretation of the song and actually destroying the world on camera for your entertainment.

We can see that various hip and sexy people are running way from impending disaster, taking cover in manholes, running through tunnels (which are presumably sewers, and therefore smell of poo) and rather than directing their efforts to form a valid plan for survival and restructure following the destruction, having a good old-fashioned dance with each other.

This man now smells of poo, as does everyone else you can see in the video

Perhaps it’s like that scene in the Matrix: Reloaded where Zion has a big party instead of focusing on the war effort against the machines (by the way, if they’re got computers that are advanced enough to accommodate an entire world, why can’t they splash out on a soundsystem and stop using massive drums for their raves?). Or that famous Bill Bailey routine.

Anyway, have a look at the video. While you’re at it consider what you’d do if the world ended, and whether you’d hang out in a sewer with sweaty people under hot lights or collapse on your bathroom floor in the foetal position and shiver uncontrollably until the darkness overtook you.