We’ve been a bit down on Halloween this year, if we’re honest. We slated it in our newsletter. We gave it dishonourable mention in a story about a horror film. We grumbled during X Factor because there was a Halloween theme. We really took issue with Match of the Day 2 trying to be all funny and topical by banging on about Halloween every two minutes. Mark Alfrighton? Purleeease.

But, p’raps we've been a modicum harsh. Maybe Halloween ain’t all bad. In fact, when it gives Brooke Burke an excuse to dress up in a figure-hugging Catwoman costume, it borders on being a worthwhile thing. “Figure-hugging” is largely redundant in that sentence – t’int often that you get a “loose, wafty, paternity style Catwoman costume”, is it? But you get what we mean. 

Catwoman has always been a bit of a fantasy of ours. And Brooke Burke is something we also have absolutely no bloody problem with. So this is good. Good on you, Brooke Burke. Good on you, Catwoman. Good on you, Halloween. You've finally done something right. 

As good as Brooke Burke looks, she hasn't done enough to wrestle our favourite ever Catwoman crown from Michelle Pfeiffer, for two reasons:

Reason One:
We don't remember Catwoman being so smiley. Sure, it's nicer for Batman and mice and stuff, but it slightly reduces the sexual allure.

Reason Two:
Catwoman does not and should not wear flared trouser-things. 

Other fictional character fantasies in the office include:

Little Mermaid 

Jessica Rabbit 


That's enough.