Tennis WAGs: the WAGs of Wimbledon

Posted by , 16 June 2011

Brooklyn Decker

Partner: Andy Roddick

It’s been a tough time for Andy ‘A-Rod’ Roddick: other tennis players seem to have cottoned on to the fact that if they return his serve, they’re going to win and, at Queen’s, everyone kept moaning because his socks were too short.

"Everyone comments on how my wife has nice legs, so I just decided to display them also. I can't come in second in the family in everything” was his somewhat confusing justification.

But it can’t be all that bad being him. Several years ago, he was flipping through an old issue of Sports Illustrated, spotted Brooklyn Decker, and thought “I’d like to marry her”. It’s not a bloody shopping catalogue, mate. But, lo and behold, they started dating, and now lucky Rodders is married to the sixth sexiest woman in the world – let’s just hope he never spots one of the top five in an Argos catalogue.

A weird and unrelated but nonetheless entertaining quote from barmy but brilliant Boris Becker:
“I’m not a God, I make mistakes”.

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