While the internet has turned a normal Monday into a gossipfest about the Oscars – who won what, who wore what, who looked like a tramp – we’ve been a little more interested in something else.

No it isn’t our new frying pan we got at the weekend (although we are excited to try it out) but one Brooklyn Decker, who turned up at the Vanity Fair after-show party in tinseltown last night.

Or should that be this morning? No, it was definitely at night, but they’re a few hours behind us…oh, we give up. Brooklyn Decker was partying large at a time that may have been yesterday or possibly tomorrow’s next week.

Brooklyn has been pretty busy lately promoting this terrible film that she’s starring in with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston. It’s out in cinemas now, but there’s a recession, so wait about two months and it will be appearing in a Poundland* near you

(*other bargain shops will be stocking the movie, don’t worry).

Celebs have an easy life, don’t they? Obviously the very public personal life thing might be a bit naff, like how every time Charlie Sheen buys glue people thinks he’s having a meltdown (PUT THE PRITT STICK DOWN, CHARLIE).

But they go to parties pretty much every week of the year, they get loads of free stuff, and we bet they’ve never got in a taxi and then found out they don’t have money for the taxi but by then it’s too late, and they’ve really annoyed the taxi driver and then he starts spitting at you as you wander round town.

But at least we don’t cry when our films are slated. Up yours, Adam Sandler.


N.B: We love Adam Sandler really.