Over the last ten days the FHM office has been awash with tennis-related debate. Which player has the best forehand? And backhand? And serve? And, perhaps most importantly, which tennis WAG has the finest flowing blonde hair, blemish-free face and never-ending legs?

These debates are now over. Why? Well, partly because office productivity has dipped 225.2% since someone pointed out that Sue Barker looked like the Joker in The Dark Knight, and partly because the intern seems to have developed an addiction to one of Ana Ivanovic’s less tennis-based ‘fan’ sites, but mainly because it's a slow news day and we wanted an excuse to upload a picture of a hot girl.

So clench your buttocks in excitement as we reveal the winners of this year's FHM Wimbledon Awards.

Best forehand: Nadal-slaying Czech madman Lukas Rosol.

Best backhand: Unflappable Serbian mega-lord Novak Djokovic.

Best serve: Who cares? There's only one award you're waiting for and it is…

Hottest WAG:
Superfantastical American supermodel turned actress Brooklyn Decker (she's married to Andy Roddick, if you care).

Do you agree with our selection? Let us know at letters@fhm.com.

"I'd like to thank my husband, my parents, and my chest..."