Coming up against two old-timers in terms of premieres, Brooklyn Decker may have been feeling a bit nervous about what to do in the face of Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman. She probably wasn’t, but either way she handled it pretty well by showing up and just looking a lot hotter than either of them. Well played.

Brooklyn was in New York at the premiere of her new film Just Go With It, in which she looks amazingly good walking out of the sea in a yellow bikini. A genius bit of casting seeing as she’s a swimsuit model too. She stars alongside said Aniston and Kidman, as well as Adam Sandler who we are led to believe somehow manages to pull Brooklyn… which is going to give hope to millions of men around the world. Chin up, she’s Mrs Andy Roddick.

Brooklyn Decker in a leopard-print dress at the Just Go With It premiere
Is it leopard, or is it cheetah? Who cares?

But would you look at that, she’s in a leopard-print dress and everything, so that must mean she has some wild animalistic side or something. We don’t know, ask a psychologist. That’s if a psychologist can get any deeper than just telling you “she’s hot.” They’re expensive are psychologists so don’t pick one who’ll do that.

You want some background info? Fine, you demanding lot. Just Go With It is the 23-year-old’s first film role, although she has showed up in guest appearances on the likes of Chuck and Ugly Betty . But fear not, even if this film flops, she’s already lined up to appear in another called Battleship next year. That’s based in the sea, so maybe she walks out of the water in a bikini. Just a thought, Mr Director…

Brooklyn Decker in a yellow bikini on the beach
Pink dress lady, we want your job