7 sexy ladies who made us forget that the weather was absolutely ridiculous this month

Posted by , 31 March 2014

Bryana Holly

Bryana Holly

What was it that Katy Perry said about California girls (sorry - gurls)? Daisy dukes, bikinis on top and they're so hot they'll melt your popsicle?

You only need to take one look at LA export Bryana Holly to see the truth in that.

You might recognise Bryana from January's 20 girls to follow on Instagram in 2014. If you don't, open yourself a new tab and keep reading.

Bryana Holly was also this month's Would Wife - an honour bestowed to only the sexiest, funniest, coolest up-and-comers in ladyland.

The model, surfer, volleyball player and all-round, awesome LA girl appears in her first ever FHM shoot and talks books, bikinis and kissing girls on New Year's Eve. Did we mention that she's one of the sexiest girls on Instagram right now?

We're pretty sure we did but we're not sure it matters.

And because we're feeling in a charitable mood today, here's a peek at what's in store when you get the mag...

Bryana Holly for FHM
Go get yourself a copy from the shops now or download it straight to your tablet or phone.

Think Bryana is the sexiest girl you've ever seen in your whole life? Vote for her in FHM 100 Sexiest.

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