Instagram superstar, and former FHM Would Wife, Bryana Holly bares all for DSTLD, giving a masterclass in using one's own hair to avoid having pixel nipples.

Check out the gallery above to see Bryana slipping in and out of jeans like there's no tomorrow and single-handedly making builder's bums sexy.

The snaps were taken to promote DSTLD's new at-home fitting program (which basically means you can choose and try out jeans in the comfort of your own home for free) which sounds pretty awesome, if not a little less sexy than the pictures, but hey, whatcha-gonna-do?

Let's be honest, when you've got someone like Bryana as your poster girl, they could be covered in mustard, shit and razor blades and we'd still be willing to dive head-first into a pair...

Photography: DSTLD | Neave Bozorgi