Have you ever played on one of those Golden Tee machines in the pub? If you’re under 50, the answer is almost certainly “no”.

The thing is, why would you chuck a couple of quid in a sticky machine when you’ve probably got Tiger Woods 12 3D with a magic remote in your front room?

Caitlin Jenks
Bet that telly is full of dart-holes

Until now, you wouldn’t.

But now, Golden Tee are fighting back, using that most powerful of weapons – a really hot girl.

26-year-old Caitlin Jenks is a mixologist and model. She’s also pretty handy at Golden Tee.

Look it's almost exactly the same photo but with a yellow t-shirt intead of black hurrah!

Apparently – and we mean APPARENTLY – she plays every day and practices over ten hours a week.

Because of her dedication – and perhaps a bit because she’s so hot – Golden Tee have appointed her as the ‘Golden Tee Babe’.

This one's from a different angle - oooh

She’ll be appearing at Golden Tee events, where fans can try to best her in a 'Beat the GT Babe' charity promotion. It certainly won’t be easy for the players to maintain their concentration: her golf attire consists of a tiny t-shirt, short shorts and high heels. But the company isn’t expecting many complaints – after all how often does a guy get to play with a hot blonde model that loves their favourite video sport as much as they do?!

Yes, that last bit was ripped directly from a press release. Whaddayagonnado?

Caitlin Jenks Golden Tee Babe
Trust us: you drink all that beer, you don't get that body