Cameron Diaz is working on a new film called Gambit at the moment. We don’t know a huge amount of details about the film (there’s not a lot to go on) aside from the fact that it’s a Coen Brothers rewrite of a 1960’s film which starred Michael Caine.

Which is tremendously disappointing.

Cameron Diaz wears some sexy denim hotpants for her new film
Unlike Cameron Diaz in hotpants

We saw Cameron there, in her long coat and general Southern stylings, and got quite excited when we also saw the name Gambit, because some of us are nerds. Nerds who watched X-Men growing up and might have bought a couple of the comics every now and again, it’s not an addiction you know, we’ve got it under control we can stop any time we want.

Anyway, Gambit was always our favourite X-man. Well, our second favourite after Wolverine. He wore a long coat and was from the Deep South of the Good Ol’ US of A, and his mutant power was to make things blow up.

Cameron Diaz wears some sexy denim hotpants for her new film
Cyclops was the worst. Man, what a jerk

Because he was cool as all hell he used playing cards to channel his power and then threw them at people. We can’t think of anything cooler he could have used it on – dollar bills, maybe? Bottles of fine single-malt liquor? A guitar?

Nah. Guess that’s why we’re not comic book writers. But Cameron Diaz is definitely not a cool, sexy, gender-swap version of Gambit. She’s playing a “steer roper” called PJ Puznowski alongside Colin Firth. We don’t know what a steer roper is. We reckon it must be something to do with cows.