Cameron Diaz is really good at playing a bad person who wants to be good so she can be bad, which is good, because it would be bad if she was bad at being bad.

Okay, so take a couple of aspirin and re-read that. Cameron Diaz plays a teacher in the film Bad Teacher – she is lazy, smokes ‘medical’ marijuana in her car during break and shouts at her students, who she pretty much hates.

Cameron Diaz being, er, thorough

Then, Justin Timberlake (who has forgotten his pop-urban roots and gone for a filmstar kind-of-thing now) plays a nerdy but handsome substitute teacher who Cameron Diaz’s character falls for. So, to truly win him over, she attempts to win loads of money so she can get a boob job and impress him. Not your typical rom-com then.

Anyway the film’s now available on DVD and we’ve got some awesome pictures of Cam-Daz doing her thang (which is car-washing, apparently). The film got great reviews from intellectual film-critic types, and also got several thumbs up from the FHM staff – partly because Cameron Diaz looks amazing, but also because the film’s hilarious in a ‘are-they-allowed-to-say-that?’ sort of way.

Very bad, which is really good, because bad is the new good and it's good to be bad?

There’s also an appearance from Jason Segal, aka Marshall from How I Met Your Mother – he plays a gym teacher (P.E teacher if you’re not American) who is, admittedly, a bit of a loser.

Did you have any bad teachers at school? Do you pretend to smoke medical marijuana and enjoy yelling at children? Get in touch, yea?