The first thing you should know about this 24-year-old American actress is that she used to date a Jonas brother. But that, as they say, is all in the past, as the Los-Angeles-born beauty hits the red carpet circuit to promote new film From Prada to Nada. ‘Nada’ means ‘nothing’ in Spanish, with the premise of the film being two sisters who discover after the death of their father they are in fact not rich but poor. They have to move in with an alienated Mexican aunt and navigate their way from children of privilege to self-sustaining adults. Tricksy.

See here: trailer for From Prada to Nada


Belle, who’s half Brazilian, is something of a fashionista. You can tell she’s a fashionista because at the launch of her new film she wore a ruffled silk bra that was deliberately chosen for its proximity in colour to her suntan. It therefore, from a distance (or if you squint a bit), looks like Belle is simply wearing a tuxedo-style jacket over her toned, NAKED midriff.

Camilla Belle in her bra
If you squint, it looks like she's nekkid

Having just spent some seconds squinting at the pictures ourselves, the effect is in fact more like someone’s just rubbed out her boobs with a rubber, or scrubbed them a bit with the Photoshop Blur tool. Either way, it’s a neat little game to play. Try it some day. Maybe the day you can’t find any sandal-wearing vegetarians with wilting beards to share some tofu and discuss birth control with. Yup – that good.