“I’ve already done that story,” said FHM Head Writer Olly Richards when we mentioned we were writing about Candice Swanepoel in bikinis. Au contraire, O-Rich. Yesterday she was wearing Kim Kardashian’s Beach Bunny bikinis. Today, she’s wearing Agua Bendita bikinis.

Being Candice Swanepoel is tough. So many bikinis. So little time.

Agua Bendita's slogan is 'Heavenly Delights'. We wonder if heaven really is full of sensational women like Candice prancing around in bikinis looking all lovely. We certainly hope so.

Hold on. We were just looking at the above photo a bit more carefully, purely for [insert something that sounds innocent and not pervy] purposes, when we noticed something strange. Is Candice Swanepoel missing a thumb? Look closely - where is it?

There's only one thing for it - we'll have to don our Poirot hat and investigate. This will require us looking at more pictures of Candice Swanepoel. Probably best if they're bikini shots, just so no digits can be hidden by swathes of wooly warmness. 

Suspicious. Candice is hiding her right hand behind her back. Maybe she's bought us a present but hasn't had time to wrap it so is doing the old "close your eyes and put your hands out" thing. "Ooh, look, a fish. What a lovely gift!" Or maybe she is a thumb shy of a rock, paper scissors championship and feels embarrassed so is hiding her hand. 

Good news: we see thumb. Not only that, but she's using them to peel off her bikini bottoms. Thank the Lord for thumbs! All praise thumbs!

Thumbs up for this sexy gallery: