Sometimes there are things that reduce productivity in the FHM office. Things like pizza, Graeme McDowell’s winning Ryder Cup putt, donuts, beer and pizza (again). And right now we have another item that would grace that list, and we’re sharing it with you: Candice Swanepoel in a bikini – THE VIDEO.

We’re not shy of Candice Swanepoel here as you’ve probably noticed, we like to tell the world every time she re-ties one of her bikini tops. But that’s usually in still-form. This is video form, which basically means 26 brand new still-form images every second.

These almost seem pointless. We said almost. They're not pointless at all.

The video is for Beach Bunny swimwear, and it’s set a precedent. It’s time for every magazine or catalogue featuring Candice Swanepoel to do so in video form. You know like the e-newspaper in Minority Report? Yeah, you should open a page and rather than seeing a photo of Candice posing in a bikini, you should see a video of her writhing around on a bed in one.

In fact, if we’re starting along the Minority Report route, she should be available in glorious 3D as well, just as Tom Cruise watched those old videos of his family in his home, Candice should be brought to life in the same way when she models.

Somehow we’ve gone from the excitement of her video to being disappointed that her new swimwear campaign doesn’t use some future film-invented technology that brings her out of the screen. Let’s get back to the positives: Candice is moving around and extremely hot.

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