This is headline girls news. There are certain sentences that you’re just longing to hear/read and this is one of them: Candice Swanepoel is in new Victoria’s Secret lingerie. I repeat, Candice Swanepoel is in new Victoria’s Secret lingerie. Now compose yourself, take a deep breath and enjoy:

It’s the sort of news that ranks up there with hearing your lottery numbers come out in the Euromillions, and reading that Simon Cowell had faceplanted and cried on live television after slipping on a toupee that turned out to be his.

The images are from the holiday edition of the Victoria’s Secret catalogue, which is pretty great. These pictures give us the Friday feeling, and it’s only a Thursday. Actually, it might be Friday by now. It could be any day of the week; we’ve just been staring at Candice for so long.

She’s currently ranked at number 61 in our 100 Sexiest Women in the World, and if she isn’t rocketing up the list in 2011 we will eat our collective hat. In fact, we’ll eat her hat because then we get to meet her, and can offer our condolences in the form of a very stiff drink.

Number 61? That means there are 60 sexier women in the world than Candice Swanepoel. Look at her (again) and either get enraged by the injustice, or feel immensely excited by the prospect. And if you want to know who ranks above her before picking your allegiance, you can find out here.