You know, Victoria’s Secret are the gift that just keeps on giving. They’re like some sort of all-year Santa Claus who doesn’t care if you’re been naughty or nice, and never gives you coal or (like he did when we were young) socks, a tangerine, and some godawful chocolate money. That’s a waste of resources, Santa. You could have been putting that towards another Megadrive game. God’s sake.

We always preferred squat thrusts

Anyway, as we’ve already told you, Victoria’s Secret have recently launched their Swim collection, so called because you’re supposed to go swimming in it. Or as Candice Swanepoel shows us in the above video, it’s also good for getting slowly out of pools, stretching, throwing your hair back sexily and generally just being wet in.

Victoria’s Secret just keep releasing videos and pictures of beautiful women. It’s magic. Sure, it’s all in aid of selling frilly knickers, but that’s okay. Hell, the world needs frilly knickers – are you going to make them? 

Venus Modeltrap looked on hopefully

No. Leave it to the professionals. In fact, if you want, go out and buy some for your wife and/or girlfriend – then those clever advertising types who work for them will think “Gosh, all these pictures of beautiful women are making our pants sell like hot cakes – more pictures of beautiful women please!” and they order another truckload, and we can all look at them and feel better about ourselves.

So you can expect a bit more of this over the next few days as we uncover more footage of the world’s most beautiful women in their underwear, and then tell you about it. But that’s okay, right?