You wouldn't think Carey Mulligan had recently broken up with actor Shia TheBeef, the way she's been gallivanting around. Yet, while some of the best of British talent were present at the BAFTA awards in Los Angeles last night, great icons such as Michael Sheen, Stephen Fry and Vinnie Jones (OK, strike that last one), Carey shone through. Quite literally. She had a halo above her head for most of the night, so it's sort of odd that everybody missed that and instead carried on about the very avant-garde pairing of her blue suede shoes with a black and white dress.

Carey Mulligan at LA BAFTAS

For all the twits (twitterers, tweeters, twit-twooers?) who are mortified at Stephen Fry's recent hiatus of Twitter after comments he made about women not enjoying sex as much as men were taken out of context, fear not. He was master of ceremonies at the event and looked as happy as Larry. Which, considering the ridiculous, hurtful and emasculating comments he made, is rather reassuring.

Carey Mulligan at BAFTA LA

So, back to the important debate about Carey's blue suede shoes. We think it only fair to consult the 1955 Carl Perkins song, as he still retains the title of world authority on the matter. His repeated requests in the lyrics is, "You can do anything but lay off of my blue suede shoes." OK. Carey, out of respect for Carl Perkins, we will keep our judgement to ourselves regarding your blue suede shoes.

Marion Cotillard at LA BAFTA awards

Hey. How did a French woman slip in there? Well, it is Marion Cotillard, we suppose, and she does look just about permissable to grace these illustrious pages. So we'll let it go, but only this time. This was a story about Carey Mulligan, remember? We can't have other women stepping in at the last second and upstaging her. That's just not cricket.