Every heard that old saying, ‘Kiss The Chef?’ Well, you can probably guess where we are about to take this article. Oh hell yeah, we are about to GO THERE. Prepare yourself to go to THERE.

OK, we are THERE now. Yeah that’s right, it’s Carmen Electra, and she’s sizzling. She’s also cooking burgers, which are also sizzling. Make ready for epic banter and probably too much discussion of American cuisine...

Why do you ask, is the multitalented and much admired Carmen Electra working the grill? We don’t know! We have the faintest inkling that it is something to do with an event held by Command PR in their swanky beach house. Now we don’t know Command PR, but if we know anything about the public relations biz, it’s also about doing eye-catching stuff so that people notice you. And we’re sure you’ll see agree that Carmen’s been getting noticed and catching eyes for quite some time now.

So, being connoisseurs of the grill, we shall attempt to identify everything she’s cooking in these pictures. Because it’s important information and you need to know, right? 

First up is a clearly identifiable tasty cheeseburger, that all American favourite, being lovingly encased in its bready armour by Carmen. The burger’s got slightly blackened edges so it’s clear that Carmen likes them a bit well done. Just like her career, which is also well done. See what we did there? We made a pun out of food and combined it with an insightful quip about the show business. Also: pun rhymes with bun.

Carmen Electra posing near grill
Better than staring at Gordon Ramsey

Carmen Electra posing near grillNext there is the overpowering, regal and unmistakably yellow presence of corn on the cob. Now if you have ever been to the USA in the summer you may remember that the Americans are terribly fond of grilled corn on the cob. And why not, it’s better than bloody sweetcorn, AND when you’ve eaten the corn off of it you can set the cob on fire like an ill-fitted yet delicious smelling Molotov cocktail.

Anyway, last up we have what appears to be a mixed skewered kebab with onions, some undefined meaty goodness and some red and green peppers . We estimate that it’s probably gonna be some kind of chargrilled chicken number, cos that’s got less calories and we think Carmen’s all about serving the healthiest and most succulent food and not getting fat.

Anyway, we hope you’ve grasped the importance of this occasion. It’s not every day that you get Carmen behind the grill. We bet that was one hell of a burger. PR stunt: GREAT SUCCESS