The second best thing to come out of South Africa after Biltong and Mandela, 35-year-old Charlize Theron is the whole package. Not only is she extremely, preternaturally attractive, she can also act like a Rhodesian ridge back that’s pretending it’s not gently creeping towards an untended plate of delicious beef that’s been left on the picnic table next to the braai.

Her award scooping portrayal of female serial killer Aileen Wuornos in Monster means her CV (Oscar winning actors probably don’t call it a CV do they) now reads like a list of films that are really good. Her last turn in The Road was particularly harrowing and blub making. But before her award winning turn, phewey did she have some stinkers. Mighty Joe Young, The Italian Job, Men of Honor and a stirring performance in Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest.

We don’t blame her, not at all. Girls got to make a name for herself. Some of the things we did to get to this job, well, let’s just say they’ll haunt us for the rest of our days.