This is one of the most heinous crimes known to the female species. And yet, in a courageous stand against conformity, Charlotte Church has flagrantly broken the rules by appearing in the same black dress on two separate public outings. Now, we'd like to think this was Charl's way of saying, "Why the hell should I change dresses just because the bloody paparazzi are going to make a big deal out of it, boyo?". But, it could equally have been the case that she just couldn't be bothered, and risked venturing out in the hope that no one would notice, facing the potential dire consequences. Unfortunately, not much gets past those nasty gossip tabloids, but since we're a mellow lot here, we say to you, Charlotte Church, wear that dress every day. From where we're stooping, the view looks pretty good to us.

Here she was at the Q Awards, looking all comely and girl-next-door-ish. That the next day she was pictured wearing the dress again for a daytime interview with Radio 2 is actually immaterial, except to her, where it was a case of the same material. Cheap joke, we know. We can't help ourselves sometimes. Amidst all the crusading journalism we risk our lives for on a daily basis for your benefit, you'll forgive us the odd stinker. So, there you have it. Charlotte Church. We won't have a word said against her, sartorially or otherwise. After all, she does have to contend with weird hobos following her.