10 good things that aren’t as good as Mila Kunis

Posted by , 10 May 2011

Cheese and biscuits

Cheese and biscuits

The perfect finale to a fulfilling meal, cheese is the civilised man’s version of cracking open a can of Fosters and letting out a strident, contented belch.

It’s been around for so long its origins predate recorded history which means it’s, like, well old. Almost as old as Madge from Neighbours, even.

Unlike Madge from Neighbours, cheese is a fantastic source of calcium and protein, because it’s basically just milk that’s concentrating really hard on something.

The trouble is, cheese gives you nightmares. And some people suffer reactions to the amines found in cheese, particularly histamine and tyramine, giving them headaches, rashes, and blood pressure elevations.

Also, some of it really smells.

You don’t get that problem with Mila Kunis.

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