That Duke of Edinburgh must be a busy chap. What with all those schoolchildren doing their Duke of Edinburgh awards, he must be up and down the country checking up on them to make sure that they’re actually participating in charitable events, learning to play the trombone, and walking around foothills in the rain.

When we did ours back in secondary school, our teacher said that he wouldn’t actually come around and check up on us because a) he’s employed people to handle that for him and b) it largely runs on the trust system. But we knew she was lying because we saw him hiding behind some bins, peering into the music room.

He was eating half a sandwich he had found

Presumably that’s why Prince Charles takes care of a lot of the goodwill work these days with his charity the Prince’s Trust.

But, much like his dad before him, Charles is busy too (presumably hiding near his dad and making sure that if a young person does something extraordinary and selfless, he’s there to see it) and so when it comes to award ceremonies – like last week’s Celebrate Success Awards - he needs glamorous assistants to help him out.

cheryl cole awards
Cheryl hoped no-one would notice her miniature hand cow

Hence he got hold of Cheryl Cole and Kimberley Walsh, and quickly dashed off to Stoke where he was set to hide under a swingset. Once the Girls Aloud stars were done handing out bits of cheese on sticks and making sure everyone had a fresh drink, they were photographed with some of the lucky winners of the prizes.

Fun fact: Cheryl Cole is so pretty that standing next to her in a photograph, no matter how well-regarded your charity work might be, makes you look pretty bad by default and actually lessens your achievements.