Oh Cheryl Cole, Alan Partridge never had it this easy. The Girls Aloud singer went out last night for her first official public appearance since getting malaria in the summer and feeling all woozy for a few weeks. These photos of Cheryl, taken outside Nobu ‘order the black cod mate’ restaurant in London, were taken because 1) Cheryl Cole was in a party dress and 2) because Cheryl Cole was launching Primrose, a ring collection for luxury jewellery firm Grisgogno. They were not taken because Cheryl Cole is pregnant, getting back together with Ashley Cole, having a new tattoo or unveiling a posh, glossy poster with a picture of her face on it.

 Cheryl Cole party dress

Cheryl often turns out for The X-Factor judging panel wearing Grisgorno jewellery, and last night she complemented her trinkets with a gold sequinned dress and an umbrella. Because it was raining. Also in attendance were bandmates Kimberley Walsh and Nicola Roberts, as well as that man Louis Walsh. Cheryl Cole’s hair performed as magnificently as it always does, with some people who really like hair speculating that Cheryl Cole’s latest bob is better than Cheryl Cole’s 2009 style. Got an opinion? Be careful where you say it – people who know lots about hair are very excitable and have easy access to scissors and should not, under any circumstances, be fucked with.

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Cheryl Cole screaming