Cheryl Cole has a lot going for her. In fact, the gorgeous Geordie has so much going for her that you’d think that she’d be above completing dull domestic tasks, but – newsflash – she isn’t.

Yup, further proof that Queen Cheryl’s feet remain firmly planted on terra firma comes in the news that… she only went and phoned her local council and asked them to deliver a wheelie bin.

To be honest, we’re as surprised as the rest of the world. Not because we thought the 27-year-old would employ people to do things like this, but because we didn’t think incredibly attractive women made rubbish. We mean, they don’t poo, so why would they make rubbish? Talk about shattering an illusion.

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“It’s a big task, but I am most certainly up for it,” revealed ‘Dave’ the Wheelie Bin, in an exclusive interview with FHM yesterday. “I just want to sit out there, do the business and take one rubbish collection at a time. Cheryl’s a great lass, so if she needs me for anything else I’ll muck in, but in the meantime I’m just going to open my trap and swallow whatever she puts in me."

’Dave’, who judging by this quote may have been a female porn star in a previous incarnation, was randomly selected by Enfield council and will begin his headline-making role sometime in the next fortnight. Cheryl is attempting to top FHM's 100 Sexiest Women in the World poll for a record-breaking third consecutive year.

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