Leicester Square played host to a fair few people last night, as Burlesque premiered at the Empire cinema. The usual suspects were there (by usual suspects, we mean the cast, otherwise it kind of defeats the point) as were a bunch of others including Abi Titmuss, Bianca Gascoigne and Kayla Collins. Yeah, that’s big time…

Someone who is actually big time is Christina Aguilera, and she was on the red carpet fresh from her naked pictures scandal – we say scandal, but plenty of definitions call a scandal some kind of disgrace, and nudity is no disgrace in our eyes.

Check out the video at the top of Christina talking to the press. Feel free to ignore Cher and the guy with the weird name. There’s no ‘scandal’ in the video though, we’re sorry to report that she’s fully clothed. Probably the next important people at the premiere besides Aguilera herself were the dancers:

Dancers at the Burlesque premiere in London

But whose idea was it to release the film in December, when it’s really cold and the dancers wear pink leggings to keep warm? Just like the burlesque dancers of old. Functional: yes. Sexy: not so much. That’s poor forward planning in our book.

The film is released here on Friday, and then the bandwagon moves on to Japan before coming back to Europe for release dates in the likes of Switzerland and Latvia. Yeah, those exotic destinations where it will be scorching hot and let us see a bit of leg from the dancers. Who’s in charge here? We want to see the manager…

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