Christina Aguilera's weight yo-yos in a manner strikingly similar to FHM’s proficiency at the pool table. Here she is, at perhaps the curviest apex in her life, looking sexier than ever in a tight gown at a glam LA shindig. It’s a world away from her tight abs, toned body and buttocks-you-could-bounce-a-penny-off days when she danced to Dirrty. A video which one member of the FHM writing team has a real fondness for. “Basically, Christina made me a man”, said someone who who's not going to like us as much if we mention his name.

 Christina Aguilera dress

Aguilera, who’s a mummy now, looks great for her extra weight, but it was only January when she was pictured out and about in Las Vegas with friend Nicole Ritchie looking like a completely different woman.

Aguilera Ritchie

Crazy, eh? That’s the sort of weight gain you have to work at. You’d have to swing by McDonald’s for a Sausage and Egg McMuffin three times a week for months to get that sort of swing on the scales. Maybe that’s what happened. Or maybe she’s just embracing motherhood to Max Liron Bratman, her now two-year-old sprog. You know; less pole dancing, more picnics, less sweaty music videos, more ice cream. Aguilera was paid $1.5m by People magazine for her baby pictures, which is lots and lots of pork sausage patties, lightly seasoned with herbs and topped with a free range egg and a cheese slice on a hot toasted English muffin. Mmmmmmmmmm.

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