Make no mistake of it, getting hugs from Christina Hendricks is a truly life-defining accomplishment. It’s like winning a gold medal in the Olympics, saving babies from burning buildings or curing terminal illnesses. You do it and you are a better person forever.

So, we tell you with awe and reverence that Anika Noni Rose has done a great thing by getting some hugs off Christina at a recent theatre premiere in New York for Company. Anika is already a Tony award-winning actress on Broadway, which means she’s done super well at acting.  Maybe even better than Christina. So, well done, we salute your latest accomplishment.

As we’re sure you know, Christina is probably best known as Joan Holloway on Mad Men. She plays the office manager, and generally acts like a heroine, taking no shit whatsoever from drunken ad men and mentoring all the women on how to be great. Just like her. Nice.

She’s also doing great things for society – now being described as a role model for full-figured women and generally making the world happy with her open mouthed smiles. Notable fashion designer Vivienne Westwood described her as "the embodiment of beauty." Nicely put.

Christina Hendricks smiles

Mad Men Season 5 got the go ahead at the end of March, so soon Christina will be back on our screens, and the world will be well again. In the meantime you’ll just have to wait patiently and keep Googling eagerly. Your optimism will eventually reward you, we promise.