Christina Hendricks hasn’t just got breasts, she’s got measurements. The curvy star of Mad Men, who plays secretary-from-heaven Joan Holloway, is the internet’s must-have pics and video girl of the moment. The world’s gone batshit for her hips. She’s the curvy zeitgeist. She’s got a voice to sing Skeletor a lullaby. She’s got red hair. And - on screen at least - she smokes, excellently.

But what exactly are the magic measurements that make her more than just another busty actress? The general consensus is that Hendricks, who’s 5ft 7½, measures in at 36-32-36. You can find websites that will tell you her bra size is 38-DDD, but that’s just excitable guesswork. Generally speaking, girls go up a cup size when they go down a band size, so a 36DD (Hendricks’ most likely measurement) is equivalent in size to a 32F.

There’s not much difference between what is known as the ‘underbust’ and her waist, while her hips are at least equal to her bust proper. In addition to her level of cleavage, her breasts are quite low, which adds to the overall, magnificent impression. For years, Hendricks struggled with agents telling her to lose weight, but when she got the role on Mad Men, she was just grateful for the opportunity to be herself: “I like salty, creamy foods. I could sit down with a bag of chips and French onion dip and go to town! That would be on my last supper list. But I discovered that dry French onion soup mix in non-fat yoghurt tastes just as good. It really does!”

The 35-year-old, whose wedding to actor Geoffrey Arend last year was a bit upsetting for the FHM office (we did a Mad Men and sat around drinking scotch), has perhaps her finest photographic moment at the Golden Globes last year. Why? Because at the Golden Globes last year, Christina Hendricks looked like this:

Christina Hendricks lipstick

Some more less brilliant but also really quite good pictures of Christina Hendricks:

Christina Hendricks dress


Christina Hendricks profile

 Christina Hendricks bra size


Christina Hendricks chest

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Christina Hendricks smoking:

Christina Hendricks smoking

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