Christina Hendricks is a bit magic, really. Even if she didn’t have those magnificent breasts, we’d still love her, because she’s pretty and sultry and has cool red hair (even though it isn’t her natural colour, though, keep it quiet).

But she DOES have those magnificent breasts, and we’re just happy to be in the same world as them. Imagine a world without Christina Hendricks’ breasts. Imagine it. Grey, dull, lifeless – a 1984-style wasteland of depression, angst, sadness and no breasts. A world not worth living in. Suicide rates would skyrocket.

For some reason all logical thought has deserted us and we can't think of a caption

Bad times. But don’t worry, because as previously mentioned, they exist. Plus she’s keen to get them on display at basically every juncture, like this play she was recently in called Company at the New York Philharmonic. She was playing Neil Patrick Harris’ girlfriend April, who is a “naive flight attendant.” Exciting stuff!

Sadly, the shots you can see here of her wearing not very much at all (which remind us of Firefly, a bit) were taken on the last night of the performance, so even if you saved up all your pocket money and managed to buy a ticket to New York real quick like, there’s no chance of you seeing her in her scanties on stage, we’re afraid.

We've got it - "Breasts!" Wait, no, still no logical thought

By the way, we also like Neil Patrick Harris. He’s hella funny. Plus using his special Openly Gay Powers (tm) he’s specially equipped as one of the small percentage of men who could lie next to a negligee-clad Hendricks and not get a raging erection, a heart attack, or a heart attack caused by his raging erection. Good work NPH!