This just in – it's bloody freezing out. Much like ourselves, surprisingly attractive ex-pop sensation Christina Milian is mourning the end of Summer but, rather than mourn it in coats squinting furiously at the sky and shaking our fists at clouds, she's decided to mourn it in a bikini. Which is FINE BY US.

Of course, this happened in America where a) wearing bikinis to stuff is absolutely fine and indeed expected of some women (women like, say, Audrina Patridge and Aubrey O'Day) and b) it's presumably warm enough to do it without instantly dying of hypothermia. Like we would here. On account of it being bloody freezing. Guh.

Christina Milian at a pool party of some kind
Come back Summer WE MISS YOU

It all happened in the Azure Pool at the Palazzo in the world's capital of swimming baths that are also inexplicably nightclubs, Las Vegas. Basically, there was a party, and Christina Milian was there looking beaming in said bikini and being all like “Woo, come on guys, the onset of Winter inexorably approaches! Let's get ready to WRAP UP WARM!”

The closest thing we had to a token celebrity appearance at a party we were at (when we were younger, obviously, these days we're fighting off ridiculously famous women with a broom handle at all hours of the day) was chirpy Irish Catchphrase-monger Roy Walker. He came to the 90s night at our Uni club in first year. He was kind of a jerk.

But Christina's not, we assume. We hope so, anyway. She's got such a nice face, it'd be a shame for her to turn out as slightly too big for her not very big boots, like a certain gameshow host. What a letdown he was. Damnit, Roy, to think we respected you.