Christina Milian has arrived from the year 2000 and the great news is she has seems to have travelled here in a time machine. Look at her frolicking about on the beach like touchscreens never happened.


You remember Christina Milian, she did great things to your ears and eyes in the period awkwardly named ‘the noughties’. Which brings us to the pressing question, what the HELL are they going to call this decade?

Anyway, we did have a minor office debate about whether AM to PM or Dip It Low were Christina’s most prevalent megahits. It was concluded that Dip it Low was the sexier of the two. FHM chap Chris Mandle even began an anecdote about how he was once listening to this song in the car on the way home from school and… well he refused to say what happened next. Puzzle that out with us won’t you…

Back in 2003, being sexy for Christina Milian was an extremely serious business. Rolling around in mud was not to be taken lightly. On the other hand, this is an exceptionally sexy video. .

Whilst AM to PM was her debut release it was concluded that it was narratively more sophisticated. Highlights included the red leather trousers, when she produces her AM to PM pager in da club and of course, the wink at the end. .

We appreciate that we have just taken you on an emotional and arguably pointless journey through the hits of Christina Milian, but there is nothing quite as perfect for wasting time than nostalgia. To conclude, she looks hot and happy.