Our pretty little Daybreak host is not a happy bunny. A faked video has been circulating online which features a lookalike Christine Bleakley doing some rather naughty things to a lookalike Adrian Chiles. Thank you very much, degenerate hoaxers. The innocent joys of morning television will now be forever tarnished. So long as Daybreak remains on the air, that is. Which, judging by the critical reception, doesn't bode too well.  Anyhow, pictures have also been posted of Bleakley's head super-imposed onto naked bodies, and a few where she appears to be in full dominatrix gear, leathers, whips et al. It's all a very unsavoury business. We all know Christine would never plumb to such depraved depths, so those malicious counterfeiters could have least have picked a more likely target.

Bleakley is supposedly very upset by the scurrilous images purporting to be of her. A 'friend' told the Daily Star, "At first she thought it was just a bit of fun, but after having a look at what was out there, she was really disgusted." Of course she was. It's a truly shocking thing for any decent person to have to encounter. Unless you're in the adult industry in the first place, in which case your indignation would be sort of self-defeating.