“No likey, no lighty,” screams Take Me Out host Paddy McGuinness every Saturday night, but we can't think of any men who’d switch the electricity off on his foxy fiancée Christine Martin.

The stunning 22-year-old model, who McGuinness refused to let go of at last night’s Brit Awards, met the 37-year-old comedian three years ago when she was taking part in a fashion show at the Liverpool International Tennis Tournament. “We had a mutual friend there who introduced us, but I can’t say I was star struck,” she recalls. “I’d never seen him on anything.”

The love affair started off slowly, but soon gained momentum and the next thing Christine knew (cover your ears, God) they were co-habiting. “He asked me to stay over one night and I never left,” recollects the former winner of Miss Liverpool. “It went from one night to a weekend, then to a week and I ended up not moving out.”

This has never happened to FHM. Despite all the hours we’ve put in texting and Facebooking models, not once has one stayed over and refused to leave. What gives, ladies? Has McGuinness got something we don’t? We get it, it’s because he’s on TV, isn’t it? Well, we’ve been on TV twice (Panorama and Generation Sex), so there. Oh, and there are loads of videos of us on YouTube too, so stick that in your suspenders and squat round ours.

Admittedly, said videos haven’t always gone down as well as Max and Paddy’s Road to Nowhere or Take Me Out. There was this one with Jess Ennis, where some guy called us "an absolute wanker" and this one of us failing to climb a mountain where some guy claimed our personality had "ruined his holiday". Ah haters, you’ve got to love them, don’t you, Paddy?

McGuinness attempted to style out the 'black diarrhoea incident'