Well, Cintia Dicker never really went anywhere, really. But she’s here now, and sexy, so let’s not get bogged down in syntax and just look at the pictures.

Cintia Dicker, silly-named Brazilian model extraordinaire, is doing work for Victoria’s Secret as you can see in these pictures. When we say “doing work,” we more mean “putting on their pants and letting professionals take pictures of her,” which is a sort of work, we guess.

Cintia Dicker for Victoria's Secret

As you can see, she’s still ridiculously cute. Definitely as cute as she was in that American Eagle video a couple of months back, and possibly as cute as newcomer Ginta Lapina who we showed you on Thursday afternoon.

In fact, there’s a lot of similarities between Cintia and Ginta, even if it’s just in their names. They’ve both got that skinny-sexy thing going on, too. Perhaps they could form some kind of superhero duo and fight crime? Although they don’t look much like fighters.

Cintia Dicker for Victoria's Secret

Maybe they could just stand near crime in their pants and distract criminals from doing bad things, and then lure them into things like police blockades or punji traps. 

We’re being rather dismissive of the girls’ crime-fighting prowess here; they could in fact be undercover agents for Interpol, or do private detective work on their days off. Probably not, though. We fear that Cintia Dicker’s talents may run to being a really good model, and not involve any sort of police activity whatsoever.

Cintia Dicker for Victoria's Secret

We just can’t imagine her grabbing some perp and smashing him over the bonnet of a squad car whilst reading him his rights whilst furiously cuffing him. Also, with all these sexy pictures around, the previous sentence was lent a rather more sexual air that we had originally intended.

If you want to see more pictures of the beautiful Ms Dicker, then hop over to Brobible where – luckily for you – there are even more.