Cintia Dicker? Who? Yeah, it’s a pretty daft name – it sounds like something that Moe would shout out over the tavern to whoops of laughter from his patrons, then he’d threaten Bart and/or Lisa with some sort of vicious murder.

But it’s not, it’s her actual name – or at least, it’s the one that she’s using to model under, and if it wasn’t your real name, we can’t see why anyone would choose it. Dicker. Great.

Cintia's face makes us feel all funny

Anyway, she’s a Brazillian-born German-ancestored red-haired beauty, who lives in an apartment in New York with two other supermodels Caroline Trentini and Bruna Erhardt. According to this page, they are also “best friends” which is darling, in a sexy sort of way.

At first we thought it was weird to have supermodels living with each other (that’s too much sexy concentrated in one place, surely? There’d fires and stuff) but it sort of makes sense. Who else are they going to live with, spods like us? We’d just end up gawping at them and accidentally using up all their extra-extra-extra-low fat milk or leaving their crispbreads out so they got all soggy.

Also her other parts make us feel funny too

Cintia’s done modelling for Sports Illustrated, which is a thumbs up in our book, and also appeared on the front cover of various girls magazines looking leggy and ethereal. She’s a bit more down to earth here, though, as she tries on various American Eagle underwear and flounces about, because “Pretty is Everywhere.”  Also, she’s a bit topless.

Yeah, a bit topless. Topless like Barbara Windsor was topless in Carry On Camping, but, you know, sexy. Watch the video, you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Also, there are geese in the video. Honk honk