Cintia Dicker, Brazilian/German underwear model and one of the world’s sexiest redheads, is in a new video. She dances around in her pants a lot. You should watch her do that.

Cintia Dicker for Aerie
Cintia Dicker is officially Lovely

The video is for happy smiley clappy hands good-time lingerie brand Aerie (part of American Eagle) who specialise in making ads for bras and pants that make you feel better about the state of the world. They did one a few months ago – again, with Ms Dicker – where she chased geese around and took her clothes off while lovely guitar music played in the background.

She’s back in another video, but with no geese – instead, she’s in a house of madness. There are flowers everywhere – everywhere – and sometimes, they just appear spontaneously. No-one knows where they come from, but they suspect the deer head that Cintia worships might have something to do with it.

Cintia Dicker for Aerie

There is a room filled with hundreds of glass spheres hanging around head height. Feathers fall from unseen portals in the ceiling.  The bathroom fills with glass vases which are then in turn filled with long-stemmed purple flowers. Five pictures of horses appear in a corner while a girl tugs on her hair trying to work out why all this is happening.

There is a butterfly machine – a hand-cranked device built by a lunatic who decided to recreate the movements of a hundred butterflies at once. Why? So he could learn their secrets.

Cintia Dicker for Aerie
They are wise beyond our ken

Who created this house? Why do things keep appearing and disappearing at random? What do the butterflies know? Luckily, Cintia and the other girls don’t seem to mind. They just dance around in their pants all day; perhaps out of joy, perhaps out of servitude to whatever dark forces power this place. No-one can be certain.