A penny for her thoughts? We don’t know if they’d be worth a lot more, but Claudine Keane certainly looks very pensive as she models the latest Adore Moi range for Ultimo. Also, why she’s been made to do a Brucie pose is beyond us. Cheers. Every time we look at this photo now we’re going to imagine Brucie’s Freddie Krueger face maniacally staring back at us. Clear your mind of this nightmarish vision, though, and there’s no arguing that she’s one sexy WAG. Yes, Robbie, for a little Oirishman you haven’t done badly for yourself, at all, at all.

Claudine Keane Ultimo

We can’t decide which one we prefer, the white or the pink. The white definitely makes her look classier but then we’ve never been snobby. Or picky, for that matter. The pink, on the other hand, is a bit too Barbie doll-esque. And as exciting as plastic aids may be, they’re no real substitute for the real thing. So, because we are an accepting lot here, we’ll take her in either, and won’t make too much fuss about it.

Claudine Keane and Robbie Keane

Word is that Claudine will soon be launching her own fashion range, so it’s encouraging to know that her double-first in Economics and Finance at university is being put to good use. Oh, what a cruel affliction beauty is. She could’ve been the Governess of the Bank of England by now. Do you really think we’d still be in recession with an Irish in charge of the wonga? Our point exactly.

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