This is Cora Deitz. If we were lesser men we would probably say something like: ‘Cor, we’d love to Deitz her.’

But we’re better than that. And, even if we weren’t better than that we’re not entirely sure that her surname is actually pronounced the same as ‘date,’ so the worldplay probably wouldn’t work.

Truth be told though, we would date her if we could because she’s absolutely mindblowing in all of the good ways. She makes us feel fuzzy like a sugar-laced yard of ale that we've downed in record time whilst spinning around in a circle and singing the 'Mmmmmbop' song.

Cora is an international model. We know this because on Instagram she lists several countries after her name.

In the past she’s described herself as a dancer, a writer, a photographer, a student, a teacher, a sugar fiend AND a model.

She’s obviously pretty busy then, not to mention skillful. She's probably one of the hottest, most interesting girls you’d ever have the chance to chat with. You could literally talk about anything we imagine.

All while trying your best not to be left completely and utterly speechless because she looks like this:
Cora Deitz, we might not know each other well but we’re just boys, standing in front of (a computer screen and looking at) a girl, and asking her to love us.