Seeing these pictures of Helen Flanagan cruising around on the N78 night bus after an evening on the tiles we saluted Coronation Street for churning out some seriously hot girls of late. And it looks like Helen is back in the game and giving fellow soap fox Michelle Keegan a real run for her money.

She's like a rare bird on the bus

When she first appeared on our tellies 10 years ago it didn’t look very promising, what with being cast as the supposed lovechild of Sally and Kevin Webster and dabblings in the world of goth. But Miss Flanagan has come through the other side and decided to do us a favour and get on the bus to show us just how well she’s doing. Not that the guys on this bus seem very grateful.

What is a little bit gutting is that this sort of thing generally doesn’t happen. Ever. What does happen is you invariably get sandwiched between a ten ton woman and an elderly man eating something unthinkably rough like a pickled egg, fall asleep and end up in a retail park. The nearest you ever really get to being aroused on a bus is a drunk tramp gently stroking the back of your head.

We’d like to say that she’s just like the rest of us, but public transport for people without ridiculously blue eyes and pouty pink lips tends to comprise of a series of lows. It’s alright for Helen hot bloody Flanagan to languish in the disabled bit, but if we do it we get bashed over the head by some old lady’s handbag. Oh, the injustice.