Occasionally you’ll hear celebrities claim that the press have taken an off the cuff, tongue in cheek comment and taken it seriously in order to make a story more interesting. This is one of those times. As soon as FHM read Daisy Lowe’s words, “I am, pretty much, a mild lesbian”, we decided to ignore the fact that for most of her interview with GQ the 22-year-old old "mild lesbian" was gushing about her Time Lord boyfriend, Matt Smith.

What we certainly didn’t ignore was Miss Lowe describing FHM favourite, Kelly Brook, as “such a hotty”. This brings up an interesting question – who is better, Kelly Brook or Dr Who?

Now, Daisy can be forgiven for wanting to be the Dr’s companion, time travel, mooching around the universe, thwarting a race of killer wheelie bins – this all sounds like a good night out in our books (in fact we’re pretty sure that happened once – if you will drink Jaegerbombs…).

He may not have a house, but he’s got an impressive ride that’s surprisingly roomy on the inside. If you need a heart transplant, he’s got a spare. If you get bored of his face, give it a couple of years and he’ll get a new one.

What more could you want? Well, frankly…Kelly Brook. We don’t care what planet you’re from, you’ve never seen anything that looks quite like the cover star of the new issue of FHM (available tomorrow, by the way).

So Daisy, put down the sonic screwdriver, stop it with this “mild” nonsense, and give Kelly a call.