Daisy Lowe wore a little black dress at Elton John’s ‘Grey Goose Character and Cocktails Elton John AIDS Foundation Winter Ball’ at Maison de Mode in London on Saturday. The event itself was far less clunky and miserable than its clunky and miserable name suggests, mainly because Daisy Lowe was there, being great.

Is there anybody you’d rather find yourself sitting next to while you enjoy some good grub and above-average booze? Not likely. Daisy Lowe, whose Twitter feed revealed that a man called George Northwood cut her hair for the occasion, wore a sleeveless black number with sort-of-see-through bits on her hips that everyone, including Dcotor Who boyfriend Matt Smith, thought was ace. Look at his perfectly justifiably smug face. Fair play, mate.

Daisy Lowe and Matt Smith pose for a photo

So Daisy Lowe - who once did that video for Esquire that was so mind-meltingly brilliant that we totally forgot they were supposed to be our rivals - has got some serious style. Maybe it’s because her dad’s Gavin Rossdale. Or maybe it’s because her mum, Pearl Lowe, writes songs and makes highly desirable things out of pretty fabrics. Either way, Daisy Lowe was born with it. Help! These seemingly underwhelming photos have knocked us for six. And - oh boy - she's not even wearing a bra

 Daisy Lowe smiling in a ballroom gown

What would your opening gambit be if you found yourself sitting next to Daisy Lowe at dinner? What the hell would you say? Would you, for example, pretend not to know her name? Would you pretend to have a pet dog so that you’d have something in common? Would you try and get her shitfaced? Actually, it's probably not worth worrying about. Relax.

Daisy Lowe at the dinner table in a little black dress