Daisy Lowe – model, swimwear designer, dater of Matt Smith and all-round sexy lady –  is back on the decks again, this time at Latitude Festival.

Daisy Lowe at Latitude 2011
These decks. These ones she's touching right here

We had a paw through the pictures taken at Latitude, and we’ve got to say it was generally a poor show for the lady-types. Although gorgeous British wunderkind Daisy was there, there was an almost total lack of fanciable women present – unless you count Paloma Faith, of course. We’re still not sure if we do. We don’t reckon that we’d be able to keep up with her fractured otherworld stylings.

The majority of the festival was apparently men with beards – singers, like yer man from Iron and Wine, and more comedians than you can shake a stick at. Marcus Bristocke especially has so much hair his moustache is now part of his hairstyle. He’s shaved off the rest of the beard, but it’s a futile gesture as his face is looking increasingly like a cross between an 17th Century lawyer and an argument.

Daisy Lowe at Latitude 2011
The man actually has too much face

Back to lovely Daisy Lowe, however, and away from the Brigstocke’s child-scaring face. Daisy bested the typically English climate and mud to (rather smartly) perform in the weatherproof safety of a big ol’ tent, which we think is a great idea. God knows why we spend our lives working (in buildings) to save money in the bank (a building) and then spend that hard-earned money to purchase or rent our very own building, and then go stand in a wet field apropos of nothing for three weekends a year. It’s madness, we tells ya.