Today, in strong, brazen tones, The Internet told us that Daisy Lowe had been busy making a video about the cardinal sins. In a house. Then it told us it had pictures as well. Naturally everybody was suddenly very happy and that was the end of that.

So, enjoy. You'll notice she's carrying a phone in each of the pictures. This, surprisingly, is no coincidence. This is the Xperia ray and is the reason why the pictures have been taken. ALL HAIL THE XPERIA RAY, MAY IT BRING US MANY MORE PHOTOSHOOTS WITH DAISY IN.  

Each image here represents one of the 7 deadly sins. Great idea, except it's not too clear which is which, and there are only six images. So now you get to try to guess which is which.

Here's a clue - pride is missing. Why? We're not sure. Maybe Sony Ericsson (designer of said phone) thinks that pride isn't actually a sin, and you should have pride in your phone or something. BUT THIS IS WILD SPECULATION. You did not hear it from us.

We'd like to say first person to guess the images right wins a phone. But we've not got one to give away (sad face). Guess anyway and win the respect of FHM for your 'vague image direction interpretation' skills. Because we admire that.


Daisy Lowe, looking mad.
Starts with an easy one...


A bit harder


Now an obvious one..




Shoes. Not approved by the Catholic Church (just kidding, no damnation please)


And we finish on an optimistic note...