Six days ago (but we’re not counting), Daisy Lowe’s Twitter feed produced this: “Just did an extremely nerve wrecking slide down a muddy hill... Made it but there was no one there to giggle at me!” Oh, Daisy Lowe. You are so excellent. Even – and perhaps never more so - when you did that outrageous little dance for Esquire, you were up there on your own at the top of the excellent tree.

So it’s no surprise that Gavin Rossdale’s 21-year-old daughter can compel us to write a news story about her even though all she’s done is look bloody amazing at a nondescript arty gallery THING. Alright, here’s where she was: 'Dior Illustrated: Rene Gruau and the Line of Beauty' private viewing exhibition at Somerset House. Somerset House is in London - never really understood that. Shall we find out? Bet Google knows…

Daisy Lowe has great style in this dress
Google does know! Somerset House is called Somerset House because it belonged to Edward Seymour, who became Duke of Somerset when Edward VI came to the throne in 1547. And how did he celebrate? He built a massive house. Nice one, Teddy. But if Daisy Lowe had been around, that doesn’t mean she’d have been impressed. Girl’s way too cool – she’s got a Maltese teacup terrier, yo.

Daisy Lowe looking glamorous in a black dress
And what about the outfit? Bet that dress is Dior. Just a hunch. Great ankle boots (it’s all in the buckle), straightforward make-up, bed hair and punked-up black nail varnish. So correct. Oh, we should mention that we recently stumbled across a great Daisy Lowe blog. It’s called, ‘Fuck yeah, Daisy Lowe’. Says it all, really.